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Please join me on my selfish/selfless journey --- to infinity, and beyond!

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A dear friend recently learned that their journey had come to the hopeful end result that we all wish for and work for.  Under the advisement of a top-notch team of oncologists, they adopted a watch and wait protocol which was an appropriate approach for their type of cancer.  How they got there is not the point, but rather - the fact that there are so many alternatives/choices available for dealing with the dreaded disease.

There is a scene in the rom-com "Two Weeks Notice" (better than you may have heard, worth a Netflix watch) where Sandra Bullock/Meryl Brooks says to Hugh Grant/George Wade, "I think you're the most selfish human being on the planet!"  Grant replies in his inimitable Brit wit, "Well that's just silly.  Have you met everybody on the planet?!"  George Wade's point is well taken: if you haven't tried them all, you’ll never know.

Just as no two snowflakes are alike (which is a difficult theory to disprove since comparing snowflakes is a herculean task), no two types of cancer are alike, no two cancer patients are alike, and even more noteworthy, no two types of cancer treatment approaches/regimens are alike. For me it was a mixture of science and spirituality.  For others the balance may tip more toward the spiritual.

Part of why they often refer to chemo as a cocktail - is because it's literally a combination of medicines that work together to affect an outcome.  And if that doesn't work as well, then the alchemy is realigned in search of a better formula for your needs.  Maybe the answer is a change in lifestyle - altered diet, exercise or living habits (though that was not the case in my situation).  Or for others, it could mean a completely revised outlook on life and health and choices.

Whatever the "cocktail" may be for you, the options are increasing every day as the science expands exponentially.  There are alternatives for medications, there are alternatives for facilities, there are alternatives for healthcare provider teams.  For so many of us --- there are choices.

May a choice exist for you - as it did for me.

Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa