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I know it's frustrating to some, but I'm not really much of a "joiner."

With the pervasive power of the internet, those many folks who are managing medical maladies can find solace in any number of support groups that speak to their condition and needs.  Those with Multiple Myeloma are no exception.

After a recent conversation with a loving, positive and always-there-for-you neighbor, I felt the need to take stock of my choice and challenge myself as to why am I not much of a joiner.  Sometimes conundrums (not conundra; look it up - I did) take a lifetime to decipher.  And sometimes the puzzle is solved in an instant.  For me, in this moment of my diss-joining-ness, the answer seemed to hit my brain as soon as I heard the words come out of my mouth: "I'm not really much of a joiner."  My brain, clearly no more efficient that anyone else's, processed a whole bunch of data all in a nano-second.

  • A support group is there when the pain is too great to bear alone.

  • A support group provides information when the buzzing of the initial diagnosis wears off.

  • A support group gives people a much needed community of helpers to ease their confusion.

  • A support group is a lifeline for the all-too-many souls who are going through their treatment alone.

  • A support group offers reassurance when the inevitable doubt creeps in, and reality when it too is needed.

And after my cranium processed all of these conclusions, I realized that I have all of this.  I am surrounded by a network of humans who proactively care for me, love me, pray for me, support me, pick me up (literally and figuratively), nurture me, watch over me, and contribute to my healing - often in ways that they aren't even aware of.  Family and friends who touch my heart and soul from across the room, across the street, and across the miles.  It's not that I don't need or want or am too proud to be in a support group.  I almost feel like I should be sharing MY support group with the rest of the world - because, they're so good at it.  My only regret is that I can't bring them all together at some point and thank them each individually for what they have done for me; how they have helped me; and how they have sustained my strength through this battle of a lifetime (my LIFE time).  If you are listening (aka: reading) my dear loved ones: THANK YOU !!! 

Perhaps at this stage in my journey (or life) I'm not sure I feel significant enough to think that my experiences matter, ergo my reluctance to share them for others.  But hey, isn't that what a blog is all about after all?

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