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Good morning

Good morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I've grown up like so many of you readers (young, and less young) hearing the mantra that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I've never denied that theory, nor have I faithfully ascribed to it either.  And no - I definitely do NOT believe that this lack of morning ritual was in any way the root cause or even an ancillary contributor to my disease.  However I do admit to a new perspective on breakfast.

Up until my diagnosis, I wasn't a person who had begun taking a lot of pills for my ills, as do so many of my contemporaries who are aided daily by modern science.  As the son of a pharmacist, I was a firm believer in the power (be it medicinal or mental) of a daily multiple vitamin - chased with a 1,000mg vitamin C (I personally think Linus Pauling was on to something).  This was my morning routine for decades, and I was generally considered among my peers to be a pretty healthy guy (haha - so I thought).  Anyway, I didn't scoff at nor conspicuously avoid breakfast, I just didn't make it a priority.  And frankly, though anecdotal in nature, there really wasn't any evidence in my life to convince me to the contrary.

When asked by many if anything has changed in my life as a result of my journey along Cancer Road (a topic I will be exploring periodically within these postings), one of the first things that does come to mind which is different for me is my enjoyment of/need for breakfast.  Surprisingly, as an added benefit of my newfound improved work/life balance, suddenly now I have time for breakfast.  And as need dictates that I take a few meds in the morning (my faithful vitamins along with a couple of prophylactic "cancer" drugs), treating my tummy to some yogurt or cereal is the appropriate precursor to popping some pills.

Is it a big change - not really.  Is it something I should I have been doing it all along - maybe, but the lack thereof didn't really seem to make me a lesser human-being mentally or physically.  Is it a welcomed change in my routine - yes, actually it is.  I enjoy the quiet time to start the day, I have new appreciation for the morning fuel in my motor, and I can't take the meds on an empty stomach - so I more than willingly relent.

For me at least, sometimes a few little things that are a new part of my life A.C. (After Cancer - or technically WITH Contained Cancer), can be more meaningful than a major life-shift.  I'm probably not mature enough or contemplative enough to have had an overhaul of my life perspective, but I'll start with ShopRite Multi-Grain "O's" and see what philosophical inspiration grows from there.

You Ok?

You Ok?