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A simple man with a simple plan: Kick the Big "C" with a cocktail of family/friend love, unapologetic laughter and a dash of Nat-titude.  And if I'm lucky, maybe even one of my odd-servations will help with YOUR situation.

Please join me on my selfish/selfless journey --- to infinity, and beyond!

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The earth spins at roughly 1,000-mph, so as you can imagine things happen very quickly at that velocity.  As some of you are aware, recently I wrestled with some kind of mysterious ailment.  After a few days in the hospital, a seemingly endless series of tests (the majority of which required sticking me with a needle), and visits to more doctors than an AMA convention, the team has settled on a diagnosis.

I have what is known as Multiple Myeloma.  This is a form of cancer that attacks the production of red blood cells in my bone marrow.  Without getting too scientific, cancer can most easily be defined as the sudden and rampant explosion of normal cell growth/death functionality which then compromises a normally acting organ (in my case the bone marrow).  I am producing protein cells at a rate off the charts and they are squeezing out the natural production of new red blood cells.  As a result, my overall hemoglobin level is depleting (under half of what is normal), and so that needs to be addressed.  Chemo and stem cell transplants seem to be the main components of the approach, all while keeping an eye on my fragile kidneys which have taken a beating from having to deal with waaaaay more protein than expected.

Though this particular disease has no ultimate remission (it gets managed, not cured), the survival rate is encouraging.  And although it’s rather rare (.07% of population get it), there seems to be a large body of research around the understanding and curing of the disease.

I’m surrounded by a top-notch medical team, and an even higher world-class emotional team.  We have felt all of the love and support being sent our way, and express our deepest appreciation for that current and ongoing stream of good vibes.  Please use this blog for updates on my condition (physical and emotional).

I approach life and all its blessings or adversities with a sense of humor.  This “style” will continue - since I can’t control the disease, but I can control my attitude (keepin’ it positive).

Love and thanks to all, Nat