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A simple man with a simple plan: Kick the Big "C" with a cocktail of family/friend love, unapologetic laughter and a dash of Nat-titude.  And if I'm lucky, maybe even one of my odd-servations will help with YOUR situation.

Please join me on my selfish/selfless journey --- to infinity, and beyond!

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How does this happen?!  Not: how does this happen to me – I don’t deserve it.  But: how does it happen physiologically?

I’m that guy.  I exercise every day, I take my vitamins regularly, I don’t drink (alcohol, coffee or sugary soft drinks), I don’t smoke, I eat cautiously, I don’t let life get me too stressed, heck I even stay out of the sun to avoid melanoma.

And then wham ! - I get cancer.

I don’t have the answer, but I am going to meet this challenge head on and use the most powerful coping mechanism weapon that I have in my arsenal: laughter.

Please join me on this voyage as together we discover what’s going on, what we can do about it medicinally, and how we can get through it emotionally.

I promise you candor, insights, rambling and most of all a humorous perspective on an overwhelming challenge.  There will be laughter and tears, but we will be together throughout and until the end (come what may).

The die has been cast and I can’t control anything within me to change that fate (no matter how much I worry or complain).  But I can control my fears and reactions, and pick laughter and optimism as my weapons of choice.