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I don't want to rush things (like American retailers do; I mean can you believe that Lifetime already has 24-hour Christmas movies running?!?), but it's getting near that time of year (holiday season) when generosity returns to "top of mind."

- The medical/scientific miracles that I experienced during my successful therapy came from years of costly research.

- The research behind those advancements comes from funding; government, corporate and personal.

- Funding comes in all shapes and sizes; from large endowments to a veritable "march of dimes."

- And donating opportunities seem to be even more prevalent - while the success of research seems to grow exponentially along with the need and breakthroughs.

I purposely don't use this forum for any sort of monetizing of my messaging or musings. But in this instance, I'm going to make an exception and mention a fundraising opportunity geared specifically toward research around my very own Multiple Myeloma. And the best part is that you get to make Alex run a whole bunch in order to earn your generous donations.

Alex has always been the "athlete" in the family, with her years on the ice pursuing her prowess at Synchronized Skating (yes girls, I know that Dance is hard physical work as well). Now she's shifting gears slightly and running for funds. She'll be participating in both a 10k (6.2 miles) and Half Marathon (13.1 miles) back-to-back - or 19.3 miles total over a two-day period. And this ain't no Mickey Mouse race either (well it sort of is, because both "runs" will be held in the wee hours of the morning each day - through DisneyWorld's parks) - but the training, and the distance, and the effort are real.

The link below can be used for any contribution (large or small, or none at all), that you feel comfortable making.

We thank you all for your continued support of this blog, and the larger support and awareness around cancer in general, and my Multiple Myeloma specifically.


Son of the Mask

Son of the Mask