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Road tripping

Road tripping

Please pardon my previous paucity of posting posting prose.

My recent uptick in travel for work has been a bit of a double-edged sword (or more like the razors of today with their multiple blades and capabilities).

On one hand, it serves as an indication that I am healthy enough to travel (as approved by my Oncologist).  Medically that's a wonderful milestone in my less-than-one-year progression.

On another hand, it means I am to be subjected to my previous routine of air travel (life's ultimate petri dish of germs), taxing schedules (trade show work all day/keeping up with ongoing other projects all night), and a divergence from my food/sleep routine (both somewhat out of whack and off kilter).

On a third hand, it keeps me busy and distracted, which helps pass the time, and keeps me vital and valued - always a good thing at work.

On a fourth hand, I have "survived" a recent extended spate of traveling which would be solid evidence that my immune system is maturing and working well enough to keep me from falling victim to simple colds or exhaustion.

On a fifth hand, it has help to remind me of the need for me to: take responsibility for my health, work hard on maintaining a good work/life balance, and realize that I can prioritize the most critical needs of my clients and colleagues, and then keep everyone informed while I pace my workload to a humane level.

Learning balance, choosing sleep over staying up late to do just one more thing - it can wait, they can wait.