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As Gene Autry sang, “I’m back in the saddle again.”

After a period of at-home recovery, dictated mostly by the need to stay away from potential communicable illness during the height of cold and flu season, today I return to work.  Well, technically I have been working from home during this entire time, but now I’m going back into the office on a daily basis.

Working from home was an interesting experience.  I’m a fairly disciplined person (comfortable with a routine), so I didn’t find myself slipping into the living room for just one more episode of “The Office” reruns.  But going back to the physical office on a daily basis brings with it a number of dimensions.

I’m comfortable with the decision to get back to work (emotionally and physically).  I’m also looking forward to returning to the dynamic of a work environment, and reconnecting with many work companion relationships/friendships (collegial intercourse in the most professional manner).

This change represents a noteworthy milestone in the progression of my medical treatment.  My Onc team has been closely monitoring key numbers from my regular lab work, and reaching (exceeding) a certain established WBC threshold earned me the right to go back out into public (and try out my new immune system).

This accomplishment also signifies the beginning of a certain “return to normalcy” that was always a target goal of my treatment plan.  Granted, nothing about the last 6 months has been “normal” but even the rudimentary act of going to work every day is a welcome change and inspiring indication of my increased immunity.

And to carry the saddle analogy one step further, like with any challenge, it is time to climb back on the metaphoric horse and get back at it.  I’m ready to ride again.  Not off into the sunset, but rather: first with a slow walk, then a trot and then a full gallop – pacing my gait to coincide with my slowly/steadily increasing strength and stamina.

RU Rah Rah

RU Rah Rah